Articles about body temperature Articles about body temperature Getting warmer to Cheap Pandora Charms why is us warm blooded June 14, 2010 A hundred million often, the seas were filled with swimming reptiles beneath 70 feet long.A new study of their teeth suggests these exotic giants kept a constant temperature a step toward the kind of warm bloodedness that keeps us at 98.6 c Fahrenheit.The temperature inside an animal is reflected in the number of two forms of oxygen the far more common oxygen 16 and the slightly heavier oxygen 18(Containing two extra neutrons).The colder the heat, the fewer atoms of oxygen 18 get designed into the teeth of fish.Hypothermia means a dangerously low temperature.The elderly are especially vulnerable because their bodies are less able to regulate body’s temperature, and because other medical problems leave them be subject to hypothermia.On january.9, Police found Fogel inside her unheated Queen Village home in a semi careful state, Lying on to the ground of a second floor front bedroom.40 demise Are Blamed On Three day Heat Spell July 9, 1999 in eric r.The medical examiner’s office suspects more deaths could be caused by the heat that steamed philadelphia in 100 plus degree weather for three straight days before scaling back wednesday.The me’s office will perform more autopsies today and expects more bodies will be found next few days.An 87 year old roslyn man died of heat stroke while getting work done in his yard, to be able to montgomery county coroner walter i.Hofman.The man’s body’s temperature reached 102.9 college diplomas, He explained.Cardiovascular and diabetes were contributing factors.The heat officially reached 92 degrees in philadelphia on tuesday afternoon, leading monday’s high of 91, challenging other day to hit 90 this year.Contained in the car where frederick culbreth, 74, sat waiting around for his wife at john f.Kennedy clinic, conditions soared past 100.The car windows were closed.And the defroster was connecting.This is for st.Chip, honoring the christmas season.Recharging options for”In the nick energy. “And the(Chip)Information, the newborn who was abandoned thursday morning and found on a frigid west oak lane street had a much healthier prognosis. “His condition has been replacing.He’s achieving a lot.He’s reliable, said hospital speaker beth rachkis.Gibbons jr, and ellie e.The 7 lb, 7 ounce infant was taken to child’s hospital of philadelphia, where doctors and nurses gradually raised her Pandora Charms body’s temperature.They called her”Jenny doe”And reported her in good shape late yesterday.